The Greater Cincinnati Choral Consortium was founded August 25, 2013 with representatives from 26 choral organizations present. The planning committee presented a mission statement, core values, and goals developed over a period of about six months. A group of nine volunteers, eight of whom were on the planning committee, volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors.



The Greater Cincinnati Choral Consortium enriches the region’s quality of life by engaging and energizing our vibrant choral community.


Core Values

Choral music is an art form that transcends boundaries.  Therefore, we believe in:

  • Advocacy – Advocacy is promoting the value of the choral arts, our member organizations, and opportunities that enrich our community.
  • Education – Education expands the impact of the choral arts on our audience and singers.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration promotes collegiality through artistic partnerships, resource sharing, and a collective contribution to the region.



It is the goal of Greater Cincinnati Choral Consortium (GCCC) to:

  • provide inspiration for meaningful artistic and educational exchanges;
  • increase recognition for choral groups in our region;
  • reduce member chorus expenses through shared resources;
  • promote and foster communications among the many choirs in our region;
  • to offer workshops and provide services that encourage the growth of individual singers and choruses; and
  • to expand awareness that the choral arts are a vital part of community life.